5 Reasons Staff and Faculty Should Buy a Block Plan

By: Sereni Lao, Multimedia Communications Student Worker

  1. Reduces Stress: Don’t  Worry About Packing a Lunch

We know that your time is valuable. Stop stressing about packing a lunch or dealing with the hassle of driving somewhere to buy yourself food. Stay on campus and eat well.

  1. Flexibility: Get a Variety of Meal Options

Don’t be stuck eating turkey sandwiches all week. Dining Services designed these Block Plans to make sure that we’re providing you with plenty of options. You have the option to choose between all the stations in the Plaza Food Court, or a meal in Superior Dining Center, at Northern Shores Coffee Shop, and at The Grind. 

  1. Nutrition: Ensure You Have a Full Meal When On Campus

The Block Plan is a great investment to let yourself know you don’t have to go hungry when you’re at work. If one day you forget to pack a lunch or you just don’t have the motivation to go cook for yourself, a block plan allows you to always have a complete meal with zero hassle. 

  1. Cost-Effective: You’ll Save Money

Going out and buying lunch at a chain restaurant can add up. Do you know what else is expensive? Time! Think about how much time you spend meal planning and grocery shopping. Our Block Plan is designed to give you a wide variety of meals at a discounted price. We understand that buying a meal every day can be pricey, but if you’re going to be spending the money on-the-go or take-out anyways, the Block Plan is discounted so each meal is cheaper and saves you money compared to paying cash. On top of that, these meals won’t expire for 2 years so you don’t have to worry about losing your money on unused meals.


  1. Save Time: Order From Your Phone 

Speaking of time, we also offer our services through Grubhub Campus where you can order ahead of time from your phone and your food will be ready for pickup. Skip the line and save yourself time.