COVID-19 Enhanced Procedures

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UMD Dining Services COVID-19 Enhanced Safety Procedures

UMD Dining Services is excited to welcome faculty, staff, and students back to campus! Safety and wellness are paramount, and UMD Dining Services will adhere to the Minnesota Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, the University of Minnesota, and other regulatory entities to keep our community safe.

Guest Safety 

● Guests must stow their phones, sanitize their hands, and wear a face mask before entering UMD Dining Services venues. 

● Guests may unmask and use their phones only when seated at a table or after their departure. 

● Deviation from these safety measures will result in the guest having to restart sanitation measures. 

● One-way queuing will be observed, having a dedicated entrance and exit. 

● Physical distancing of 6 feet will be recommended in the queue and storefront areas (masked area) and enforced in the dining room (unmasked area) 

● Plexiglass shields are in venues for staff and guest safety. 

● Dedicated dining room attendants will sanitize any touchpoints, tables, chairs, etc. 

● Tables and chairs will be placed according to physical distancing recommendations (6 feet apart). A significant number of tables and chairs will be removed to reduce seating and potential contamination. 

● Facilities Management (FM) will continue its role as a pivotal partner in the safety and sanitation of dining facilities. They will continue their duties with little change. They will ensure that floors, walls, ceilings, and vents in food preparation areas, dining areas, serving areas, and all adjacent spaces are clean, free of debris, and well maintained. 

● Additional sanitizing of chairs, counters, displays, and tables will fall to the Dining Staff. 

Employee Self-Screening

Each employee will self-screen before returning to their campus workplace by: 

● Maintain a wellness log that records their temperature. 

○ Temperature checks each morning and upon return home from work. Results will be logged, and any fever will be reported to their direct supervisor. 

○ Submit their logs to management on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

○ Employees must report temperatures 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit (37.6 degrees Celsius) or higher, exposure to COVID-19 positive individuals, respiratory symptoms, sore throat, or dry cough to their supervisor immediately, stay home, and consult their healthcare provider 

● Any exposure to COVID-19 positive individuals, respiratory symptoms, sore throat, or dry cough will be reported to their direct supervisor. 

● Any of the above symptoms will require the employee to stay home and seek guidance from their healthcare provider. 

● Maintain strict sanitation standards in regards to food service including the use of masks, single-use gloves, and frequent hand washing. 

While in their campus workplace, each employee will: 

● Stay as physically distant as each work area allows. Six feet will always be the goal. 

● Wear masks in settings where other physical distancing measures (six feet) are difficult to maintain. 

● Meet with other individuals via Zoom or similar electronic means. If a meeting must be in-person to accomplish the purpose of the meeting, it must be in a large room with attendees six feet away from each other and wearing masks. 

● Not gather in break rooms with the exception of preparing food while maintaining a six-foot physical distance from other individuals. 

● Avoid gathering in groups and in confined areas, including elevators. 

● Frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds throughout the day, but especially at the beginning and end of their time on-site, prior to any mealtimes, and after using the toilet. Use of hand sanitizer is acceptable in the absence of soap and water if hands are not visibly soiled. 

● Cover all coughs and sneezes with their sleeve or a tissue, dispose of the tissue in the trash, and wash or sanitize their hands immediately afterward. 

● Not touch eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 

● Frequently clean all high touch areas. 

● Wipe down any shared workspace with a sanitizing solution or spray prior to using it. 

● Minimize use of shared work tools. If work tools must be shared, they must be sanitized between uses and employees must wash or sanitize their hands before and after each use