Square Meals Program

Ozzi Reusable To-Go Containers

Square Meals: UMD Dining Take-Away Program

UMD Dining is proud to offer the Square Meal program.

These take-away containers can now be used in Superior Dining and the Plaza Food Court

Where Can I Eat My Square Meal?

When you take a Square Meal to go, you can eat in your dorm room, outside, the Wedge, the VenDen, the Kirby Lounge, and really any other place on campus where they have seating available. The options are endless! 

How do I use the Square Meal box?

One reusable box replaces on average 300+ single-use to-go boxes. Help save resources by using a Square Meal box!

  •     Purchase or redeem a token for a box at the register for $5 (this is a one-time deposit) 
  •     Get your food in your box, then checkout.
  •     Enjoy your meal.
  •     Empty (and rinse) the box.
  •     Return box to Superior Dining or Plaza Food Court and receive a token for the next time or a new container if you are getting food right away.

It's Convenient. It's Easy. It's Sustainable.

FAQs for Superior Dining Square Meal Program

Q: What is a Square Meal?

A: An entrée, 2-3 sides, and dessert. (Think veggies, fruits, grains, and proteins)

Q: How often can you use it in a day?

A: As often as your meal-plan allows.

Q: Can I share it with a friend?

A: No. This meal is for your convenience. 

Q: Do I have to clean it?

A: Rinse it out, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: Is the container mine?

A: Yes. You bought it for $5. Just exchange it for a clean one each trip.

Q: What if it breaks or I lose it?

A: Regular wear and tear is okay, but otherwise you’ll need to purchase another container.