Residential Meal Plans

Residence-Hall Meal Plans

Residence-Hall Meal Plans are comprised of two distinct plans:

  • Meal Plan 1: unlimited visits per week
  • Meal Plan 2: up to 14 visits per week

Residence-Hall students are required to purchase Meal plan 1 or 2. Both meal plans include $100 per semester in Dining Dollars. Residential Meal Plans are used in Superior Dining, the residential dining center. 

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On-Campus Apartment Meal Plans

Students assigned to live in the on-campus apartments can opt into Meal Plans 1 or 2 listed above but are not required to select a meal plan.  However, they still receive $100 per semester in Dining Dollars whether they are on a meal plan or not. 

  • If an apartment student chooses to not be on a meal plan they can elect to purchase a  Block Meal Plan instead.
    • Block Meal Plans are extremely flexible and are great options for those that want to enjoy eating on campus but still plan on cooking their own meals from time to time.


The purchase of any residential meal plan is made through housing and is built into your housing contract

Dining Dollars

All on-campus meal plans also include $100 Dining Dollars that can be used at all Dining Services areas including Superior Dining, Plaza Food Court, The Grind, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop.  Dining Dollars can also be added at any time via the GET app or by visiting the UCard office.