Residential Meal Plans

Welcome to our on-campus meal plans for residence hall and on-campus apartment students! We've cooked up a few tasty options for you to choose from, each with their own unique perks. 

Residence-Hall Meal Plans

  • First up, for those of you who are really hungry (which, let's be honest, who isn't in college?), we have Meal Plan 1. 
    • With this plan, you can visit our residential dining center, Superior Dining, as many times as you want throughout the week. That's right, unlimited visits for all you foodies out there!
  • Then, for those will a little less of an appetite, we have Meal Plan 2. 
    • This plan offers up to 14 visits per week to Superior Dining (aka 2 meals per day). So you still will have plenty of delicious meals.

Residence-Hall students are required to purchase Meal Plan 1 or 2. And good news - both plans come with $100 in Dining Dollars to use at any dining location on campus. To learn more about where you use Dining Dollars, check out the Dining Dollar page.

Residence-Hall Meal plans are chosen when you complete our UMD Housing application. 

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On-Campus Apartment Meal Plans

Here's the deal: as an on-campus apartment resident, you have the option to sign up for Meal Plan 1 or 2 (listed above), but it's totally up to you!
If you do decide to opt out of the standard meal plans, you can always go for our Block Meal Plans. These babies are super flexible and perfect for those who want to mix things up with some home-cooked meals every now and then but still want to enjoy a meal on campus from time to time. So go ahead, enjoy the on-campus dining experience without feeling tied down. Trust us, it's the best of both worlds! 
Plus, even if you choose not to go for a meal plan, you'll still get $100 per semester in Dining Dollars - score!


Residential meal plans are built into the housing contract, so any request to change a plan, including opting out, needs to be made through the Housing Office. Block Meal Plans are purchased separately online.

Dining Dollars

Did you know that when you live on campus, you get more than just delicious and nutritious meals? We're talking about $100 Dining Dollars that are included with your Housing fees! And the best part? You can use them at all of our Dining spots like Superior Dining, the Food Court, The Grind, The Gadget, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop. Got a craving for a fancy latte or a study snack? No problem, just swipe that U Card and enjoy! Plus, if you ever need to add more dining dollars, it's super easy with our GET app or by swinging by the U Card office. We've got you covered with convenient and tasty options all around campus!