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Come Work With Us! - Student Employment

We are currently hiring student workers starting at $15 per hour. Work Study is encouraged. Apply online through the Office of HR website.

Student Jobs

Dining Services Student Worker: Positions will be in one of the Dining Services areas, which include: Superior Dining, Main Production Kitchen,  Northern Shores Coffee Shop, and the Warehouse

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Benefits of Working With UMD Dining Services

  • Fun work atmosphere
  • Free meals
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Great pay! (Dining Services pays $15 an hour)

Pre-Employment Checklist

Once your application is submitted and you've had your interview, you'll need to supply us with the following:

  • Provide availability (for scheduling).
  • Schedule orientation with your supervisor.
  • Bring required New Hire Documentation - Must be original and CANNOT be a copy or photo of the document(s). Must physically be in your possession upon hiring.

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Form I-9 is an eligibility form required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) to verify the identity and legal work eligibility of unauthorized immigrants. In fact, if an employer does not include the proper documents for I-9 verification, they may risk legal complications and fines. This is why verifying each employee’s eligibility for employment is a critical part of the hiring process, whether hiring your first employee or one hundredth.