Block Meal Plans

Are you ready to fill your belly and fuel your brain? Then let's talk about UMD's Block Meal Plans!

2024-25 Block Plans 

  • UMD 25-Meal Block Plan - $270.00($10.80 per meal)
  • UMD 50-Meal Block Plan - $525.00 ($10.50 per meal)
  • UMD 100-Meal Block Plan - $1000.00 ($10.00 per meal)

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Here Is The Scoop With Block Meal Plans:

  • Purchase your meal plan - First things first, choose the block meal plan size that works best for you. 
    • You can purchase a Block Meal Plan at any point during the year as often as you need
    • You can purchase your Block Plan with credit or charge it to your student account for ultimate convenience.
  • Bring your U Card to one of our participating venues and purchase your meal by providing the cashier with your U Card.
    • Block Meal Plans can be used in:
      • Superior Dining
      • Pizza (in the Food Court)
      • Burgers (in the Food Court)
      • Subs & Wraps (in the Food Court)
      • Burritos & Bowls (in the Food Court)
      • Grab & Go (in the Food Court)
      • Northern Shores Coffee Shop
      • The Grind (the kiosk near the library)
      • The Gadget (the kiosk in Griggs/Lake Superior Hall)
      • Studio 1208
  • Pick from a variety of delicious options - Each venue will have a specially crafted menu to guide you through your choices. Whether you're in the mood for.
  • No need to worry about expiring meals - We understand that college life can get busy, so we've made sure that your meals will roll over from semester to semester and won't expire until 24 months after purchase. That means you can take your time to enjoy every last bite without feeling rushed
  • Skip the Line with GET Mobile Ordering (Starting This Fall) - Want to save some time? You can now use your Block Plan to order meals through GET Mobile. It's a more convenient and faster way to get your meals, ensuring you never go hungry.
  • Choose smaller items with other payment options - Our Block Plan is perfect for enjoying a full meal, but we also offer other payment options for those times when you just want a quick snack or drink. Simply use your Dining Dollars, Campus Cash, cash, or debit/credit for smaller items.

View Block Plan Menus

To purchase your block meal plan online, please click here. 

Purchasing a Block Meal Plan

You can purchase your Block Meal Plan online, or by visiting the UCard office.

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