Block Meal Plans

Summer 2022-23 Block Plans

(Prices until 6/30)

  • UMD 25-Meal Block Plan - $230.00($9.20 per meal)
  • UMD 50-Meal Block Plan - $450.00 ($9.00 per meal)
  • UMD 100-Meal Block Plan - $880.00 ($8.80 per meal)

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Fall 2023-24 Block Plans

(Prices starting 7/1)

  • UMD 25-Meal Block Plan - $244.00($9.76 per meal)
  • UMD 50-Meal Block Plan - $477.00 ($9.54 per meal)
  • UMD 100-Meal Block Plan - $933.00 ($9.33 per meal)

How It Works:

  • Purchase your meal plan
  • Meals are stored on your UCard
  • Bring your UCard to one of our participating venues and purchase your meal by providing the cashier with your card
  • Block Meal Plans can be used in
    • Superior Dining
    • Pizza (in the Food Court)
    • Burgers (in the Food Court)
    • Subs & Wraps (in the Food Court)
    • Burritos & Bowls (in the Food Court)
    • Grab & Go (in the Food Court)
    • Northern Shores Coffee Shop
    • The Grind (the kiosk near the library)
  • Each venue that accepts the Block Plan will all have a special guided menu posted to help you with your meal choices.
    • For example, Northern Shores' menu will be a salad or sandwich of your choice with a drip coffee. Or a specialty drink with a piece of bakery. 
    • The block meal plan is designed for you to eat a meal. We suggest Dining Dollars, Campus Cash, cash, or debit/credit for items smaller than a meal. 
  • Meals will roll over from semester to semester and won't expire until 24 months after purchase.
  • Skip The Line! - Order Meals From Your Phone: Your Block Plan can be used to purchase meals via Grubhub Campus 
  • Block Plans can be purchased with Credit, or can be Charged to your Student Accounts. No refunds

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To purchase your block meal plan online, please click here. 

Purchasing a Block Meal Plan

You can purchase your Block Meal Plan online, or by visiting the UCard office.

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