Reusable Mug/Cup Program

Reusable Mugs in front of brick wall
Save Money - Reduce Waste graphic

How It Works

1. Purchase a specially-branded reusable mug from a participating location OR bring your own* mug or cup:

  • Northern Shores Coffee Shop - $20
  • The Grind - $20
  • Superior Dining - $10

2. Branded mugs are $10 or $20 plus tax (Pro-Tip: you can use your Dining Dollars - which are tax exempt to save a little money)

  • With a purchase of a mug at a Northern Shores Coffee Shop or The Grind, you will receive one free drip coffee or fountain drink.

3. Each time you use a reusable mug or cup you will receive a $0.50 discount on your drink at a participating retail location.

  • To receive the discount use a reusable mug or cup at Northern Shores Coffee Shop, The Grind, or the Food Court when ordering beverages.
  • You can also use reusable mugs and cups in Superior Dining so you can take your beverages to go. 

4. Please make sure when you bring your reusable mug or cup to be used with your next beverage purchase that it is clean.

*If you bring your own reusable mug or cup it must be a standard size (16-22 oz) and it NEEDS to be clean.

Retail Location = The Grind, The Food Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop