Reusable Mug Program

Reusable Mugs in front of brick wall
Save Money - Reduce Waste graphic

How It Works

1. Purchase a specially-branded reusable mug from a participating location OR bring your own*:

  • Northern Shores Coffee Shop - $20
  • The Grind - $20
  • Superior Dining - $10

2. Branded mugs are $10 or $20 plus tax (Pro-Tip: you can use your Dining Dollars - which are tax exempt to save a little money)

  • With a purchase of a mug at a retail location, you will receive one free drip coffee or fountain drink.

3. Each time you use a reusable mug you will receive a $0.50 discount on your drink at a participating retail location.

4. Please make sure when you bring your reusable mug to be used with your next beverage purchase that it is clean.

*If you bring your own reusable mug it must be a standard size (16-22 oz) and it NEEDS to be clean.

Retail Location = The Grind and Northern Shores Coffee Shop